Graphic Design & Branding
for Professional Service Firms


You could say that my career was born many decades ago — when I was just a young girl.
It was then that I discovered my love for color, drawing and design. It was natural that I chose to work in graphic design, as it was the one field that held my interest, passion, and talent. The rest is history — which included studying fine arts, and later working as a
Graphic Designer and Creative Director for firms on both the client and agency side of the creative business.

Two decades ago, I founded my own graphic design studio. This gave me the opportunity to work directly with companies, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, providing branding expertise, logo design, brochures, corporate communications, marketing collateral and website design services.

By overseeing the entire creative process, I ensure that the client’s goals are met and a high quality creative design solution is executed. I have built a community of talented marketing professionals who work with me when additional marketing services are needed.

My design work is effective because it is not just visually appealing— it is born out of strategic thinking and years of experience diligently honing my design skills.


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Celebrating 20 Years of Graphic Design & Branding

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